James Franco, Selfie


Calling it now, cool kids: 2014 is over.

Reason being? James Franco Instagrammed his final selfie of the year (he claims it's the last one, at least), essentially calling a wrap on the past 365 days. The star of The Interview (oh, yes) summed up 2014 rather nicely, writing simply, "What a wild year."

For Franco, especially, 2014's been a wacky one. We'll begin with the fact his and Seth Rogen's farcical comedy (The Interview, obviously) caused a disturbance bringing the Sony hack, North Korea, and even President Barack Obama together on an international platform. Ultimately, free speech won on this one, and the movie was released online and in select theaters. (Naturally, Seth and James live-tweeted screenings they attended.)

This wasn't the only thing that went down in 2014 for Franco, though! Lest we forget his "Bound 2" parody with BFF Rogen—a spoof even Kanye West found to be hilarious.

Franco, 36, also admitted to trying to pick up a teenage girl on Instagram—an alleged act he apologized for (although we're still calling it as some sort of performance art).

Through it all, he gave his commentary about the digital age, continuing to provide selfie after selfie—some of them naked (again, performance art, much?)

He faked out fans, joking that he married Lana Del Rey (obviously, that didn't happen), and for the most part, seemed to have a grand ol' time in 2014 playing with his very public image.

When the Joaquin Phoenix-esque life-in-the-spotlight doc comes out on 2015, let's chat. Happy New Year, Franco.

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