On this season's Total Divas, there are two new Divas who will joining the drama and excitement! You've already met Paige and now it's time to meet Alicia Fox!

The hot Diva joined the WWE in 2006 and was the previous Divas Champion back in 2010. She's made minor appearances in previous episodes of Total Divas before, but now she's going to be an even bigger part of the show!

"It feels amazing," she says. "I feel so lucky because it's just so cool hanging out with Paige and Rosa is amazing. We're mixing some things up, it just feels really quite cool. I'm a good bit nervous because I've worked with some the girls quite a while, so I've got some really good relationships with the girls. But nervous, of course! Excited nervous!"

Alicia is also looking forward to appearing on Total Divas alongside two of her closest friends, fellow Divas Paige and Rosa Mendes, which should prove to be an interesting combination for fans to watch—especially when it comes to drama and disagreements among the three of them!

"Between Paige, Rosa and I," Alicia explains. "Whenever we have a disagreement we call it 'going to the hood.' We've gone there before and some things may be shown on Total Divas. We're all pretty independent, spicy women so even within a group of friends there will be tears."

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When asked to describe her personality, Alicia considers herself a mixed variety.

"I think honestly I know I'm kind of sassy," she points out. "Kind of spicy, just a little bit sarcastic and very honest. I don't find it necessary to waste anyone's time or be fake. I'm just a good person looking for good friends, fun, but I can be really sarcastic and sometimes just a ball of sass."

When she isn't wrestling other Divas in the ring, Alicia's other passion is fashion—not to mention that she's also going to school!

"I respect fashion so much," she says. "My ultimate dream would be to open a science lab where designers would meet before coming up with their lines and we could test different fabrics and test out all elements of fashion, like why people like certain colors, really building a science behind it. In my head I was thinking in that direction, and it would be so cool to study fashion law because one day I could have a firm, so that's really what motivates me to do school and everything else."

Alicia Fox's Latest Pics


And for the gentlemen out there that are dying to know, Alicia is currently single. Although Rosa is trying to change that!

"Boys and love?" Alicia exclaims. "Oh god...Rosa's tried to set me up on a couple of dates. I just think we have different perceptions of what my type is but maybe in the near future we can get a better set of potential clients. I'm definitely open to dating and being single too. I always joke with her about how she's the bionic Diva—like a black cat, never gonna die, built so tough. But dating advice? I don't know if she knows anything about that at all, but I really hope she finds someone."

But dating and relationships aside, the friendships that Alicia shares with her fellow Divas are extremely important to her and she's excited to share that with viewers.

"I think people should be really excited to see the friendship amongst all of us girls," she says. "The sistership that Paige, Rosa and I have built. It's just a really cool set of girls, a nice breath of fresh air. We're all single, we're all driven, it's a different perspective. I think that's spice enough and I think people should watch it just for us!"

Click below to see more of Alicia and her latest pics!

Reporting by Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

All-new episodes of Total Divas return this Sunday at 10/9c, before returning to its regular time slot at 9/8c beginning January 11 on E!

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