Eat This vs. That

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If one of your New Year resolutions was to eat healthier then you are probably going to need a snack intervention. But we promise to make it a reasonable one. So no, we're not swapping out chips for celery. These healthier alternatives actually match up with your craving.

Dr. Frank Lipman, Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, picked out five tasty and diet-friendly options you should stock up on in 2015.

As they say: Out with the old and in with the new!

Eat This vs. That, Chips

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Skip Those: Potato Chips
Try These: Seaweed Squares
"Seaweed is loaded with minerals, most notably Iodine, which is hard to find in other food sources," says Dr. Lipman. "You can purchase snack packs of seaweed such as Sea Snax, to satisfy a salty,crunchy craving in a much more nutritious way."

Eat This vs. That, Bread

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Skip That: Bread
Try This: Paleo Bread 
Bread, whether white or multigrain is still quite processed and most commercial breads often contain sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup too. The good news is, there are some delicious Paleo bread recipes that are low carb and high in protein," explains Dr. Lipman. "You have to make these at home, but they are super simple and can help you satisfy that craving in a nutritionally dense way. Check out for delicious Paleo Bread recipes."

Eat This vs. That, Ice Cream

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Skip That: Ice Cream
Try This: Coconut Ice Cream

"Milk-based products are hard for many people to digest. Additionally, they are often laden with hormones and antibiotics due to the way the cows were raised," shares Lipman. "Coconut ice cream, which uses coconut milk as its base, is indulgent and very much a treat while also being easier on the digestive system and a great source of healthy fat. Coconut Bliss is a great brand!"

Eat This vs. That, Crackers

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Skip Those: Crackers
Try These: Gluten-Free Crackers

"Gluten-free crackers will give you that crunch you crave without the inflammatory effects of their glutinous counterparts," says Lipman. "As a warning, there are many gluten-free goods out there that are far from healthy so be sure to read the ingredients! My favorite picks are Mary's Gone Crackers or Flax Crackers." 

Eat This vs. That, Pasta

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Skip That: Pasta 
Try This: Gluten-Free Pasta

"Traditional pasta contains gluten and, as already mentioned, we recommend staying away from gluten as part of a healthy diet. The good news is, there are many great gluten-free pastas on the market, including bean-based and grain-based pastas," shares Lipman. "These pastas don't weight you down, and can be just as versatile as regular pasta. Check out my blog to learn about our top six choices!"

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