Beyonce, Swimsuit

It's not even Christmas yet and Beyoncé is already dishing out gifts like it's her job.

The Grammy winner (finally) posted all of her music videos from her mega-successful self-titled album onto her official Vevo page earlier this morning and now we're in a Queen Bey k-hole.

It's been a hot minute since we watched all 17 parts of her "visual album," so the start of the week seems as good a time as any to revisit one of our favorite Bey albums ever.

And while we're still reeling from Yoncé's booty shaking home video for her new track "7/11"—which will be officially released off the platinum box set later this week—we decided to highlight some of the more, ahem, X-rated videos off the original album.

1. "Partition": Our girl is practically having sex with Jay Z in the back of a car in this masterpiece. Between the bejeweled g-string, all the talk about her getting on her knees and the ode Crazy Horse, this video sets the bar high for all sexy things to come.


2. "Rocket": The song starts off with a barely-clothed Bey singing, "Let me sit this ass on you, show you how I feel." I mean, need we say more? And if that isn't enough to make you want to turn your monitor around so your boss can't see what you're actually doing, then let us remind you that the video features a full shot of Beyoncé's lingerie-clad booty strutting down a hotel hallway. In slow-mo. Up. Close. 


3. "Haunted": It's not the most blatantly sexy video, per se, but there's plenty of lacy lingerie and kinky moments to make anyone blush.


4. "Blow": Don't let the bubble-gum pop sound fool you, the lyrics to this upbeat track are about as racy as it gets. And that's not even touching on the fact that Bey gyrates in a glow-in-the-dark leotard for pretty much the entire tune. Oh, and then there's that part where she's dancing on top of a car in quite possibly the tightest dress known to mankind. Yup, all worthy reasons as to why this video lands in our top five. 


5. "Drunk In Love": You can't even really talk about her album without making mention of this hit song. The video isn't explicit in and of itself, but a bikini-wearing Beyoncé is swerve surfin' all on that good good.

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