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Maybe the Original mama isn't that bad compared to what's coming on The Originals.

Executive producer Michael Narducci recently told E! News that while Esther (Sonja Sohn) might seem like a villain right now for what she's doing to and planning for her children, she's only trying to help them.

"With Elijah [Daniel Gillies], she wanted to break him down and reveal how much he's suffering and how much he's had to hide from himself as a vampire in order to say, 'I can release you from that pain,'" Narducci said. "With Klaus [Joseph Morgan], she's going to do something just as bad and ultimately she's going to reveal to him why he suffers, why he's so paranoid, why he's so angry and she's going to suggest the one way that would 'fix him.' It is an offer that would be almost impossible for him to just walk away from."

Does that mean that Esther really has something that would make Klaus consider give up being a vampire?!

The Originals, CW


"He has to consider it," Narducci teased. "In the same way that Elijah is incredibly shaken by all that is revealed to him, Klaus is going to be shaken to his core by what Esther does to him in this episode. And Klaus will have a reaction and will confront his mother and there's a lot of very satisfying mythos in that confrontation. Moving forward there is going to be a lot of questions posed in the episode and we'll slowly start to see what the results of that will be over the course of the season."

While Narducci wouldn't reveal exactly what Esther has planned for Klaus—and believe us, we tried to squeeze it out of him!—he could barely contain his excitement over how the fans are going to react to it.

"It's smart and it's the kind of offer Klaus is going to have a hard time walking away from," Narducci said. "At the same time, there are flashbacks in episode 6 that go pretty far back in terms of the Original family timeline and start to show us exactly who Esther is and maybe help us understand why her desire to help her children is a little bit more reasonable than we might have expected and it gives us a sense of who she is and what she has had to deal with over the course of her life and makes us feel more sympathy for her. It also suggests some things that are coming on the horizon that are pretty creepy and will an interesting effect on the Mikaelson family."

The Originals, CW


Another "creepy" story line coming up surrounds Cami (Leah Pipes), who has no idea what she's in for since Finn (Yusuf Gatewood) is posing as her psychology professor.

"What could Finn possibly have interest in Cami for?" Narducci teased. "He's posing as a psychologist and he's interviewing her and conducting his therapy in the same way Cami was posing as Klaus' memoir assistant last season. She got to know Klaus and now Finn is getting to know Cami. Is he getting information, will he try to use her as bait for a trap, maybe he'll use Cami to lure Klaus to his mother? Those are all really good guesses."

And again, Narducci wasn't giving us any answers.

"The exact purpose that Cami will serve to Esther made me jump out of my seat and be like, ‘Oh my god, that is horrifying!' It's so cool," Narducci said. "You won't see it coming. Going forward, Cami will have an important part to play in Esther's plan."

Unfortunately for Cami, Esther's plans for her differ from her plans for her children, since Cami won't have anything to gain from it.

"Esther doesn't give a crap about Cami," Narducci said. "But when it comes to her family, Esther's motives really are sympathetic. She wants to do right by her family and her children. She will pursue that drive in a very ruthless and deadly way."

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While the Originals are off dealing with their crazy family drama, we'll finally get an update on where Jackson (Nathan Parsons) has been this whole time ever since he lost his standing as the leader of the werewolves back in the season one finale when Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) seeks him out.

"Hayley knows that she isn't trusted by her people anymore because she's a vampire, so she's going to need Jackson to help her reconnect with her people to save them from their forced slavery to the witches," Narducci said. "But Jackson is going to be reluctant to come back to this world because he got his ass kicked at the end of last season and he's not completely sure he can trust these werewolves anymore. He's also depressed because the girl he was supposed to marry is now a hybrid. He doesn't think he's the hero she thinks she is."

He continued, "Hayley sees this and decides she can't wait for him to step up, and she has to be a leader to her people. She has a strong journey of empowerment going forward."

Claire Holt, The Vampire Diaries

Bob Mahoney/The CW

And as for the Original sister, Narducci revealed that Rebekah (Claire Holt) will return in the Nov. 24 episode!

"Episode 8, we will be seeing Rebekah," he said. "She has been off raising Hope and we've always said on The Vampire Diaries and on The Originals that Rebekah longed for a return to humanity. She was looking for the cure, she wanted to have a normal life and be free of the drama of her family and the bloodlust of being a vampire. If you think about it, that's what Esther wants to give her."

In fact, out of the three siblings, Rebekah might be the easiest to persuade to Esther's way of thinking.

"Esther is going to bear down on that exact motive and drive and it's just a matter of can Rebekah possibly trust her mother?" Narducci said. "Can she possibly take that offer knowing that it would weaken her family's ability to fight Esther, knowing that her family might still need her and knowing that she is Hope's guardian? It's going to be very difficult for Rebekah to have to put aside her own desires in order to stay and maintain an alliance with her brothers when Esther is basically promising her everything she ever wanted."

And since Rebekah is hiding Hope from the world, that means she can't just go waltzing back into New Orleans to greet her mother.

"As of right now, Esther does not know that Hope is alive," Narducci said. "She knows Rebekah is missing and she has to deal with her sons first but she's already using her extensive magical abilities to find Rebekah. Once that happens, what will happen to Rebekah and the baby? Are they in danger? What can they possibly do to allude Esther's clutches? I can't wait for the fans to see how that plays out."

The Originals airs Mondays at 8 pm on the CW.

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