Get ready for a whole new side of Nicole Scherzinger!

The former Pussycat Dolls' singer stopped by E! News Wednesday to deliver an exclusive sneak peek at her new music video for "Run." Although she's remaining quiet on who the song is about, the talented artist is making the song's message very clear.

"The song is called ‘Run' basically encouraging people to run from whatever fears are holding them back," she shared with E! News. "We all have our own stuff—people, relationships, ourselves, the stuff inside of our mind—that hold us back and make us feel small, make us feel less than, that we can't do it, that we're less then."

She added, "It's running from that and running to something bigger and more positive." The entire music video is scheduled to hit Vevo Nov. 12 but you can buy the single on iTunes now.

Nicole Scherzinger

E! Entertainment

Speaking of running, Scherzinger is getting ready for a big move to London to star in a production of Cats. When asked about the major change, the singer couldn't help but share her enthusiasm.

"I'm really excited because a lot of people don't know I grew up onstage and the theatre," she explained. "This is just me being selfish, taking a few months out."

Before her next big adventure, the singer is staying put in the states finalizing her album. In fact, after leaving E! News, Scherzinger was headed to work out and play her music for a few deserving fans.

"I'm doing a Soul Cycle listening session for some people tonight," she shared. "Ashley from the Pussycats Dolls is coming on down."

And with a stable boyfriend that she's had for several years now, Scherzinger is ready to conquer all her ambitions.

"I'm excited about the new music," she said when teasing Big Fat Lie coming out in 2015. "This is my debut album. I've never come out with an album yet in America."

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