Jim Carrey dropped by the Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday, and he was a little concerned about catching something at the New York City studio.

So, just to play it safe, the 52-year-old actor pretended to take the late-night host's temperature and asked him for "a couple of simple answers" to make sure he didn't have Ebola.

"Have you traveled abroad lately?" he asked, following up by questioning, "Have you ever kissed a monkey or licked an airport toilet seat?"

Dave, 67, had to think about that one. "Maybe?" Jim offered. "Well, that's not important."

And because "you can't be too careful," Jim asked the TV veteran, "Are you now or do you plan to be a member of ISIS?"

Not surprisingly, Dave confirmed he had no ties to the terror group. At this point, Jim removed and read the thermometer. "55 degrees—just like the studio!" he exclaimed. "That's a little low, but it's not symptomatic. Just don't travel to [New] Jersey, OK? 'Cause Chris Crispy's much more serious about this stuff..."

"Did I say Crispy?" Jim caught himself. He meant to say Chris Christie, the state's governor, but reasoned his mistake must have been some sort of "Freudian slip!"

When it was Dave's turn to ask the questions, he wanted to know something that seemed a bit more realistic. "You travel the world promoting the movies and such.," he said. "Are you worried about diseases?"

That seemed to be the least of Jim's concerns. "Once you've done a couple of press tours, you know, you welcome death," he deadpanned. "You do, there's nothing left that's meaningful."

"I've been married a couple of times," he added, "so it takes a lot to scare me, Dave."

Jim is, indeed, a twice-divorced man, and as he recently told Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio, he has no interest in getting married again.

Alrighty then!

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