Big Brother, Derrick Levasseur

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While we're totally sad that Big Brother (and therefore summer) is over, we're not sure a better player could have been crowned as the winner of Big Brother 16.

There was a momentary dream that Victoria would win just for our own entertainment, but Derrick Levasseur absolutely deserved the win.

He managed to go the entire summer without ever being nominated for the block, controlled every nomination including the ones he did not make himself, and had two different people convinced that they had a final two deal with him. While Frankie felt he was forced to reveal his secret – that his sister was Ariana Grande and he was playing for charity – for strategy, Derrick never revealed that he was using his undercover cop skills to secretly manipulate the entire house. 

Tonight's outcome could have been very different if Cody had made what was probably a smarter decision for his own game and took Victoria to the final two, but in the end, the best player took home the $500,000, while Cody received $50,000 for his second place finish.

Julie Chen also announced the winner of the $25,000 prize for America's Favorite Houseguest, and it was also not a surprise. It was down to Zach, Nicole, and Donny, and after 10 million total votes, groundskeeper Donny – who had nearly cried earlier about everyone being so nice to him – ended up winning.  

We would say it's a happy ending for Big Brother season 16, but it gets even better – the CBS reality hit has been renewed for another two summer seasons! Julie Chen will remain as the host, which is good because we genuinely don't know what we'd do without our ChenBot. 

Do you think Derrick deserved to win? Sound off in the comments!

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