C String Thong, Model


When we wrote about the photos of the men wearing what we thought were the most revealing bathing suits of all time, it was a simpler time. It was a better time. Because we didn't yet know about the C-string.

And now our entire world has been turned upside down. And sideways. And inside out.

Pictured above is the C-string, an undergarment for people who think thongs cover up way too much skin. It's also known as "invisible underwear." We just think it looks uncomfortable.

Apparently this C-string contraption has been around for years, but we are not at all ashamed to admit that we are not up with the trends of underwear that basically looks like fancy maxi pads. What? You're all thinking it. We're just saying it.

Obvious question time: how do those things work? Well, the photo below shows what the C-string looks like off the model, and it kind of looks like a headband, but for your groin. It seems to be made of stiff material so does it just…slide into place? *Shudder*

C String Thong


According to this very informative website, you can get the C-string in an array of colors and designs. They have lace, polka dots and shiny lamé.

And don't think that these are meant only for women! There's a men's version as well, but they have more room in the front for, um, bulgy reasons:

C String Thong, Men's


Yes, that is a furry C-string. Now you've seen it all. Go forth with this knowledge and pass it on to the masses.

Well, at least now we know what Kendall Jenner might have been wearing under that infamous slit dress at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards.

Would you guys consider wearing a C-string? And if you do, please let us know if it feels at all comfortable or if it just feels like a perma-wedgie.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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