Naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus could only distract true historians for so long. 

The more detail-conscious folks on the Internet quickly noticed that Rolling Stone had unintentionally rewritten history with its instant-classic cover featuring the Veep star, in that the tattoo of the preamble to the Constitution scrawled across her back included John Hancock's signature.

But he didn't sign the Constitution, he signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

"Hancock signed Dec. of Independence NOT Constitution.Yet another Mike f--k-up.Dummy.#veep #crackexcuse @VeepHBO @mrmattwalsh cc@rollingstone," Louis-Dreyfus tweeted today, placing the blame on Veep's consistently unreliable communications director Mike McLintock, played by Matt Walsh.

Walsh has not concocted an excuse just yet.

A Rolling Stone spokeswoman joked (presumably) to reporters that the Declaration of Independence tattoo was on the actress' other side, but that the Hancock signature just wouldn't fit.

RS even got a shout-out from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, which tweeted, "George Washington to .@RollingStone - Thanks for the shout out but no Hancock here," along with a photo of a print-out of the mag's cover propped up against a statue of the first POTUS in Signers' Hall.

Well, we the people still totally love the cover anyway.

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