Adult Skunk

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Is there anything nobler than someone risking their personal hygiene to rescue an animal? Answer: Yes, but not for the purposes of this story.

Jeremi Lorenti and his friend were driving along when they noticed a skunk was in the middle of the road with a cup stuck on his head. Like most humans in the age of the Internet do, they whipped out their phone and started videotaping the animal, because it's actually pretty funny for a skunk to have a cup stuck on his head. He was probably in the trash again! Silly skunk.

What's not funny is the fact that the skunk was in the middle of a dark street and he could easily be hit by a car. This is where Jeremi became a hero.

First, he tried to corral the skunk and lead him out of the road. He even flagged a police officer so that he could contact animal control. Unfortunately, these tactics weren't getting the job done. So he risked getting sprayed and a future of tomato baths by going after the animal and getting a hold of the cup to yank it off its head. Hooray! The skunk can see and is free to rummage through more trash!

You can watch the valiant efforts by Jeremi below. Try not to get emotional when his friend gleefully proclaims: "You did it! You saved the skunk!"

On reddit, Jeremi revealed that later when he and his friend were driving back from the store, they found another skunk walking in the middle of the parking lot. Or it might have been the same skunk they just saved. Either way, find new places to hang out, skunks! 

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