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We're going to make you girls a hump day treat!

We all know that Wednesdays can be a little blah, but not to worry, ladies because happy hour is from four to six! (Can you tell that we just watched Mean Girls last night?) We're serving up some delicious spoilers from some of your favorite female friendly series and we can't wait for all you TV fans to become totally wasted with exclusive scoop.

We've got some sweet and sugary updates from our leading lady on New Girl, a shocking spoiler with a twist from American Horror Story: Coven's Taissa Farmiga, and a secret revealed straight-up from the series that will make you see double, Orphan Black. Plus, some snacks from The Vampire Diaries, Ravenswood, Girls and much more!

Claire: Send us some Vampire Diaries scoop. I need to know what's going on in Mystic Falls!
Hold onto your fangs, because we could be having a vampire crossover episode pretty soon. We recently chatted with The Originals' NOLA king Charles Michael Davis and he was very excited about the idea of Marcel paying a visit to our favorite vamps in Mystic Falls. "Anything is a possibility, especially since we both shoot in Atlanta. I'd like to see that. I think it would be pretty cool, just to mix things up," he said. So which Salvatore brother would Marcel prefer to get a drink with? Davis revealed, "I think Marcel is such a lovable guy that he would get along with everybody." Fair enough.

Chad: How about something about New Girl?
When we caught up with the lovely Zooey Deschanel, the adorkable actress revealed some brand-new information about the highly anticipated debut of Jess' sister. "We're going to meet Jess' sister played by Linda Cardalini," Deschanel said. "She's Jess's opposite. She's like a wild, crazy and rebellious girl." But for all those at home who are doubting the extreme level of pyshco that Jess' older sis will bring to the mix, Zooey has a warning for you: "No, seriously. She's totally crazy."

Connor: You guys never give any scoop for The Big Bang Theory! What gives?
We were just waiting to give you something that we knew was going to make you smile? What does Sheldon love more than correcting Leonard on a daily basis? That's right… trains! Pasadena's hottest couple, Sheldon and Amy, will be having a adventurous double date in the upcoming Valentine's Day episode. Bernadette and Howard will be joining our duo on this romantic rendezvous and we're told that this will be Sheldon's best Valentines' Day ever!

Orphan Black

Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA

Elissa: I'm counting down the minutes until I can watch the second season of Orphan Black. Do you have any scoop you could share?
Why yes, yes we do! When we were on the red carpet for this past Sunday's Golden Globes (heck yes, not-so-subtle brag intended) we caught up with the one-and-only Tatiana Maslany. After sufficiently fan-girling our hearts out, we got the goods from the queen of clones. "We left all the women in a really intense place and no relationship is what it seems and no alliance is what it seems," she shared. "Sarah is a lot more desperate that where she was last season because of what she's been through and she's going to fight really hard for her life." When asked which clone she's most excited for fans to get to know more, Maslany was quick to respond saying, "Rachel. I think because she's a little bit of a hard nut to crack and we didn't really see a lot of her last year. I really love her and she's given me a lot to play with." Squee! We can't wait see all of the Tatiana's on our screen again!

Trisha-Anne: Could you share some Ravenswood goodies?
We just got off the phone with the always-adorable Nicole Gale Anderson and she promised us that one of the biggest Ravenswood secrets will be revealed but we might have to wait a little longer then we'd like. We all know that something is totally up with Dylan and he's somehow connected the Max, the little demon child from hell. Anderson reveals that it will take our five teens "a while" before they discover Dylan's secrets. "They don't really catch on until the last episode," she admitted. "I know, as savvy as they are, it'll take them a while with that one." Come on, guys, the clock is ticking!

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Willa: Gimme that AHS: Coven scoop—I know you have it!
We recently caught up with the witchy and wonderful Taissa Farmiga and the AHS actress revealed that there are some "big life-changing moments" coming up for Zoe and the rest of the coven in these next few episodes. "In the last episode we're going to announce the supreme, so obviously we won't leave you hanging without that we promise," she said. And get excited magic-enthusiasts because Farminga exclusively revealed to us that Zoe will be gaining some new and "exciting" powers. "Out of all the characters, especially in the last episodes you're going to start seeing new powers come and go. One thing that's kind of cool is teleportation, being able to jump to another part in the room." Sign us up for that one please!

Mika: I'm so glad that Girls is finally back on the air. What's coming up for my girl Shoshanna?
Funny you should ask because we just gabbed with Zosia Mamet, the fastest talking chick on HBO and she promised us that Shosh is in for a whole lot of changes this season. "She's really kind of breaking out of her shell. She's trying to sew her oats a little bit and sort of trying to be a little bit more of a wild child than she has before," she said. And by "wild child" she means a being a little bit of a skank—We still love you, gurl! And it's not only Miss Shapiro who will be shaking things up, Mamet says that it's time for all of Girls' girls to change.  "All of us this season are really growing up a lot and everything ugly and beautiful and interesting and scary that goes along with that we really tried to show it in all of its gritty glory and I'm excited for people to see that."

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