Miley Cyrus

Photo courtesy of Travis Kipp

Miley Cyrus, street racer?! Not so fast (no pun intended).

Contrary to current reports, E! News has learned that the Twerk Queen was not drag racing her pals down Sunset Boulevard while driving in a smart car earlier last week. The story first popped up after Miley's friend posted a photo of the singer sitting in the car at the stoplight, with the caption, "Miley tried to race us down Sunset Boulevard in a smart car. Needless to say we won."

Unfortunately, media reports didn't catch on that it was just a joke.

"We were all heading to the Warwick," Travis Kipp tells E! News of the incident. "Miley and I have a bunch of mutual friends and she pulled up next to us in her friend's smart car. She was not driving. And we were next to her in a suped up '57 Thunderbird. We were just joking around saying 'Oh lets drag race,' but we didn't drag race at all. We were sitting at a stoplight."

Miley Cyrus, Warwick, NYE


Kipp, who lives in New York and is the owner of New York modeling agency Fusion Models, was in town for a bunch of New Year's Eve parties. Cyrus' pal explains that while both cars sat a the stoplight, he snapped a photo of Miley in the passenger seat sticking her tongue out at him and then the group headed over to Warwick for a night out.
"I posted the photo on my Instagram saying 'Miley tried to drag race me,' but we were totally joking around and somebody picked it up off my Instagram and blew it up into this huge story. You can tell by the picture that she isn't even driving the car. It's so ridiculous." 

As for Miley's take on all of this, Kipp says she laughed at all the coverage. "She doesn't even care," Kipp tells E! News. "It was hilarious. I think if I didn't even bring it up to her she probably wouldn't have even known."
However, hypothetically, if he did drag race Miley while she drove a smart car, "I would let her win," Kipp told us.

Aw, whatta guy.

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