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If you're one of the massive amounts of people who have already purchased a ticket to Britney Spears' upcoming Las Vegas residency, then you're in for a treat!

The Pop Princess (and birthday girl!) discussed her Planet Hollywood gig with Ryan Seacrest during an iHeart radio album preview for Britney Jean (which drops tomorrow) today.

"There's a lot of different, interesting aspects to the show and a lot of moments where the audience feels like they're in the show with us. A lot of special effects like that and it's the most dancing I've ever done," Spears said.

Yay! We love dance-break-Britney!

Brit Brit also spoke a lot about her upcoming release, which she's revealed is her most personal work yet.

"There's a certain moment in all of our lives where you feel alone...And thats what that song is about," she said of her track "Alien," while also explaining that her single "Don't Cry" is "pretty personal. It's about a relationship and what you go through and trying to hold it together."

Britney worked closely with for this album, and said, "A lot of the concepts for the songs he came up with...And we just hit it off. He's really cool." also joined the conversation, telling Seacrest, "We had lunch and we just had—I was on a cleanse that day, so I had tea and soup—and we just talked. We had like six talking sessions before we even recorded."

It's also been said that the musical pair would sit for hours and just talk, and then the Black Eyed Peas artist would take the things Britney said and turn them into lyrics, much like a therapy session—the duo would sit in a room and have lunch while chatting for hours.

"I've been a fan of Britney since the beginning," added, "but the thing that made me a fan, fan was 'Toxic.' I was jealous when I heard that song 'Toxic'!"

Spears responded, "That's so sweet! That's cool!"

Pretty darn cool.

—Reporting by Sierra Marquina

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