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Happy day after Halloween, TV fans! Are you hungover, either from alcohol or sugar? We've got something for what ails you, and that is a giant dose of fresh TV scoop!

In today's edition of Spoiler Chat, we've got spinoff scoop from not one, but two shows: How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad. We know, we're being overly generous today. And you're probably dying to know what's next after that epic last episode of The Good Wife, so we've got info on that, too. All that, plus scoop on Parks and Recreation, Revenge, Arrow and more:

David: Can't believe my dream of a How I Met Your Father is actually happening! Will any of the original HIMYM cast pop up on the spinoff?!
Guess how Cobie Smulders found out that the spinoff was actually moving forward? From us! "I knew they were talking about something, but I didn't know they were that aggressive about it!" she tells us, adding that the idea of a spinoff is "exciting." So is there any chance Robin, Barney or anyone else from the gang will pop up if it goes to series? "I don't know if any of us will be involved, but the story lives on!"

Cindy: I need more scoop on The Good Wife now that Alicia and Cary finally left the firm!
Alicia pulled a move she's never used before in last Sunday's crazy-awesome episode: Using Peter's position of power to her new firm's advantage. But will she keep doing so to help get Florrick, Agos & Associates off the ground? "That storyline kind of figures in a couple different ways…a couple different factors involved with how the governorship aspect plays into the beginning of the firm," Matt Czuchry teases. "So that is one of the themes that will come in and out from a couple different angles, actually, at the beginning of the season."

Adly: Please tell me there's hope for my favorite couple Kyddshaw on The Carrie Diaries!
Sorry to burst your Sebastian-loving bubble but Carrie will be getting pretty serious with Chris Woods' Adam in the very near future. "He is a wunderkind young playwright who is kind of the talk of the town," Amy B. Harris previews. "Because he's young, Carrie is thinking she might have an in to get a story with him and then sparks fly." And while she acknowledges his arrival "might be sad" for Kyddshaw fans, Harris says Adam "feels like a really good fit for Carrie and he is beyond dreamy. I think the fans will enjoy seeing Carrie happy with him."

Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation

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Bonnie: I'm still really sad about Ann leaving her best friend Leslie in Pawnee. Any chance Ann won't leave Parks and Rec?
Considering the actors behind the characters, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, are leaving Parks and Recreation, we doubt they'll change their minds. If it helps, Ann won't leave her BFF easily. "Leslie and Ann are really in deep denial about it. Well, they're trying. We're processing it. Slowly but surely, we're processing it," Jones tells us. "It's nice because we're getting a lot of time and a lot of episodes to really deal with it because we talked about it so early in the season. Now it's really about figuring out how best to say goodbye." Plus, Jones thinks that this is the next logical step for her and her baby daddy Chris. "It makes sense that he would move on. He's a man of the world and adventure, and I think that's probably what Ann loves about him," she says. "He opens her up to new possibilities." We still have about 10 episodes left before their departure so we have some time to prepare.

Cory: Revenge is SO good this season! What's coming up for my favorite Hamptonites?!
Want to learn more about Aiden? You're in luck! A gorgeous, sexy and strong woman from his past named Niko will be introduced later this season as a nurse at a hospital. Why are they reunited at a hospital? A major shooting will be going down! Gulp!

Hilary: Please tell me there is hope for Oliver and Felicity on Arrow!
Sorry, but Felicity will be spending some Q.T. with Grant Gustin's Barry Allen, who is harboring quite the crush on everyone's favorite I.T. girl (as well he should). "Barry likes Felicity, and he should because the characters are incredibly similar, and they play off of one another," Stephen Amell says. "We see instances where Diggle will finish Oliver's sentences, and we see the same type of dynamic because both Diggle and Oliver are soldiers, and Barry and Felicity are both kind of nerdy, and are interested in the same random things, so it's interesting to see Barry and Felicity take a shine to one another."

Breaking Bad, Michael Quezada, Dean Norris

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Tina B.: Do you have any info on which Breaking Bad characters could appear in Better Call Saul?
Well, we told you that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are totally down to pop up in the Breaking Bad prequel, but there is a character you shouldn't hold your breath for, and that's DEA Agent Hank Schrader. "It's a prequel so they've talked to us about coming back," Dean Norris tells us. "But I'm on another show, Under the Dome, so I don't think I can do anything. I'm under contract." But there's always the Emmys to give us some Hank love! "We're still eligible for the Emmy next year, so if people remember us, we'll be back next year," Norris says. Um, we doubt anybody could ever forget about Breaking Bad.

Daria: What's coming up on The Mindy Project?
Mindy will be wooed…but not by a man. Sorry, Mindy-Danny fans. It's another OBGYN who will be wooing her. When Mindy goes into an upscale practice for the rich and famous for her own checkup, the doctors think Mindy would be a perfect addition to their team. And since this OBGYN office serves celebrity wives and even has a connection to the Obamas, we'd be lying if we said Mindy isn't seriously considering leaving her current job. 

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