Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe has a beef with his Parks and Recreation costar Amy Poehler Or does he?

Appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday night to promote his role as JFK in National Geographic's Killing Kennedy, the 49-year-old actor talked about his upcoming amicable departure from the hit NBC comedy along with Rashida Jones.

And while he had high praise for the actress who plays his gal-pal, Ann Perkins, Lowe couldn't resist getting in a wisecrack or two about Poehler, aka Pawnee's favorite bureaucrat, Leslie Knope.

"Rashida Jones and I—my baby mama on the TV show, and what a good baby mama, it's one of my career achievements—we're saying goodbye," Rob told David Letterman when asked about they're exiting. "We're shooting that episode, actually, in two weeks."

While their characters will be missed, he added, "We will probably come back. I mean, I'll always come back because I love doing that show so much."

But when asked by the gap-toothed comic whether there were any hard feelings about leaving Parks and Rec, that's when Lowe facetiously blamed it all on the series star.

"Amy Poehler has deeply offended both of us. And we're not having it. You know I have boundaries," he said.

Joked Letterman, "The mouth on that woman is not to be believed."

"Amy Poehler's a prick. What are you gonna do?" deadpanned the former West Winger.

At that point, Letterman defended Poehler, calling her a "wonderful woman" and Lowe a "lying son of a bitch."

To which Rob burst out laughing, replying "Okay, all right."

It turns out there's no hard feelings after all—which anyone who watches the show knows quite well, given the terrific rapport Lowe has had with the cast.

As the thesp himself noted on Twitter, he was just "ribbing" Amy. In fact, things are just dandy between the two, especially considering as he said to Dave, "I was originally on for six episodes and six episodes turned into 88."

No doubt, he and Jones will be missed. Lowe's Killing Kennedy premieres Nov. 10 on National Geographic.

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