The Blacklist

Will Hart/NBC

Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Monday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

The Blacklist:  We have absolutely no idea who to trust in this show—and we love it! In this week's crazyballs of an episode, Red continued to sway Liz's opinion against her husband by revealing that Tom was having an affair with a German nuclear bomb enthusiast named Gina. However in another shocking twist the German spy revealed that she, not Tom, was the one who killed the Russian double-agent and she was hired to do so by Red. She also admitted that she has no idea who Tom is. Phew, did you get all that?! Liz end the episode elated to be reunited with her proven-to-be-innocent husband, and super-super pissed at Red for causing doubt in her mind.

How I Met Your Mother: Once again, we're extremely cranky at you, How I Met Your Mother. It's been five, F-I-V-E, long episodes since we've seen the beautiful angelic face of The Mother, and instead we've been handed HIMYM final season fluff. Not cool. After 22 minutes of shenanigans all you need to know is that Marshall finally confessed to Lily that he accepted the judgeship position. Lily's reaction was both anti-climactic and oddly ominous as she alluded that someone may die in their hotel room that weekend. Could it be Marshall? Naw. Could it be one of Barney and Robin's old relatives? Possibly. Do we care? Nope!

Hostages: This week's episode didn't really push our Hostages storyline forward. Boo. However, Ellen did discover that Duncan is one of the FBI agents assigned to Angela's murder investigation. Ellen received a surprise visit from her heartbroken sister Lauren, and by the end of the hour Lauren realized the truth about the family's secret captivity. In order to save her sister's live, Ellen had Lauren carted off to the looney bin. After a quick trip to the doctor, Morgan tearfully confirmed that she is in fact knocked up and at this point she is unsure what to do about the 5-week old bun in her oven. And in this week's failed attempt at freedom, Ellen snagged a gun from the neighbor's house… only to have it instantaneously snatched up by Duncan.

Beauty and the Beast

Mark Holzberg/The CW

Beauty and the Beast: Things were really heating up in this week's episode—but then again, that could have been from all the fires. We were introduced to Eddie a former arsonist-turned-fire beast who has been gifted with the abilities to start a fire and walk through flames. Vincent has been unlocking more and more of his memories and he even ran into/saved his firefighter nephew Aaron Keller. Eddie was killed by the episode's end, but on a happier shipper note Vincent and Cat shared a smooch and held hands as they walked along. It sure is nice to see these two coming back together as a team!

Hart of Dixie: it was relatively quiet in the town of Bluebell tonight, except for one hot hookup! One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley traveled to our quaint southern town tonight and managed to sweep Lemon off her feet without a moment's hesitation. Peter was sweet, charming, chivalrous, and affectionate—basically he's Lemon's dream guy wrapped up in one extremely hot bow. Kudos on that one-night-stand girl, and fingers crossed this can turn into something more. Meanwhile, pint-size doctor Zoe got extremely upset when Joel attempted to bond with Wade—thus proving to us all that there is still hope for Zade fans everywhere. Oh and we found out that Lavon absolutely adores Beyonce. Umm… doesn't everyone?

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