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Prince Harry won't just be walking with the wounded when he embarks on a 208-mile hike across the South Pole next month.

The 29-year-old royal broke his toe "in the last few weeks," according to a Clarence House spokesperson, who says that, despite the injury, "there is no doubt about the South Pole trek. He will definitely be going."

As far as how Harry suffered the injury, "it is a private matter," the rep said.

Prince George's uncle has been training for the 16-day Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge for months now, even spending 24 hours in a Cold Chamber to help acclimate to the frigid sub-zero temperatures he'll be facing in Antarctica. Harry, who served time in Afghanistan as a member of the Household Cavalry Regiment, will be walking with former troops who were injured on the job.

Harry trekked for the same cause in the North Pole in 2011.

And speaking of snow, the BBC is now under pressure to publicly apologize after a guest presenter made a, er, crack about Prince Harry snorting cocaine.

While guest-hosting Friday's episode of the satirical panel show Have I Got News for You, comedian Jo Brand said, while talking about the christening of the royal baby last week, "George's godparents include Hugh van Cutsem... I presume that's a nickname as in Hugh van cuts 'em and Harry then snorts 'em."

According to London's Telegraph, team captain Paul Merton looked shocked, and then fellow captain Ian Hislop said, "Have we lost the lawyers?"

(And for the record, the godparent they were trying to refer to is William van Cutsem, a friend of Prince William's and one of seven tapped to look out for the little prince.)

While Brand was obviously joking about Harry's now-waning reputation as a party boy, those who actually know him (and plenty who didn't) took immediate offense.

"It might have been said as a joke but the suggestion is outrageous. It is a very unfortunate joke to make and most inappropriate," Lord Dannatt, a retired British Army general who presided over Harry's first tour of Afghanistan, said, per the Telegraph. 

"The Army operates random drugs tests. Drugs and being an attack helicopter pilot don't go together."

In response to the furor, the BBC said in a statement: "Have I Got News For You is a satirical news quiz and the audience is used to the often irreverent humor. This was clearly a tongue-in-cheek comment."

For her part, Brand said she wouldn't be apologizing, especially considering she didn't even come up with the joke herself.

"I didn't write it. I read it out from the autocue. I thought it was funny," she said. "I don't really understand what the fuss is about. I am not going to apologize. I didn't write it, but I did say it so I am culpable in some way."

The palace has not offered any comment, probably because if it responded to every random remark ever made concerning one of the royals, its sole business would be confined to making comments.

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