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Looks like the Material Girl has a little less material.

Madonna has sold her 17,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate, which she first listed in January.

It took less than a year for a buyer to snap up the tony property, which Madge listed for $22,500,000.

Aside from having housed a pop icon, the home boasts other cool features, including a theater, tennis court, gym and a resort-size swimming pool.

And, as you might expect, Madonna made sure the property was well-hidden from prying eyes (you never know where paparazzi are lurking, after all) by shrouding the home with large trees and a 500-foot driveway.

The singer snapped up the home back in 2003 under her Castillo De Lago trust for an undisclosed sum, but if she purchased it for anywhere near the $13,950,000 asking price at that time, she is sure to have made quite the profit.

Earlier this year, Madonna also sold her New York co-op for $19.995 million—15 percent higher than her original $23.5 million asking price.

Perhaps this means she plans on spending less time in the States? She does, after all, own property in London.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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