Camilla Belle

Jeff Vespa/WireImage

We couldn't decide what color to call Camilla Belle's cocktail frock when we first saw it. Is that lime green? Grass green? Or neon green?

Then one giant animated ogre came to mind, and the rest was fashion history. Though, in this case it may be more like infamy.... We've hemmed and hawed but our decision is final: this is not an acceptable color for a dress.

For the sake of this beautiful star, we'll say that the cut of her Ralph Lauren dress is perfection. That halter top highlights her muscular shoulders, and the true waist is killer on her shape.

But all those facts are just making us more angry about this ridiculous color! If the dress were in black, white, red, blue or frankly any other shade of green, it would be adorable. Instead, she just looks like a colored-in cartoon. Agree or disagree?

AA Fashion Police Oct 24 Poll
What's your say on Camilla's green shade?
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