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Witches, superheroes and lawyers, the gang's all here!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got major scoop on tonight's can't-miss episode of American Horror Story: Coven, which features a major flashback reveal, The Flash's highly anticipated debut on Arrow and Will and Alicia's upcoming showdown on The Good Wife that will leave you speechless, breathless, etc.

Plus, we've got scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood's whispers of an affair, Parks and Recreation and more...

Carina: Any Bones scoop to share?
A frenemy is coming to town! Cam's former close friend will be reappearing in her life, and let's just say it won't be a happy reunion as the heartless Haley stole Cam's identity. Even more awkward? They come face-to-face for the first time since the betrayal while Haley is behind bars.

Debbie: Holy angry Will in that Good Wife promo! I have to know what's going on there!
Oh yes, Will is very, very mad at Alicia and will stop at nothing to make sure she pays for betraying the firm. But thanks to a phone call from Grace, there's a personal moment between them that may surprise the audience. Hurts. So. Good.

Frankie: Counting down the days until The Flash makes his debut on Arrow! Any scoop?
Remember kids, he won't be coming onto the series as The Flash, but as Barry Allen. "It's great because he's a fan of the vigilante, and he gets to ask a lot of questions, that I know for a fact because I see it on Facebook and Twitter, that the audience would like to ask," Stephen Amell dishes. "You know, he has theories about how the vigilante was trained, and he's speaking for/as a fanboy—he's speaking for a lot of the fans of the show."

Tessa: So pissed that NBC is bumping Parks and Rec! Can I get scoop to help me get through this difficult time?
We're optimist (sometimes) so we're going to go ahead and assume that everything will be fine and Parks and Rec will return with the highest ratings ever because people will miss it so much. Anyway, creator Mike Schur told us that we will find out the result of the recall vote very soon, and based on the new Parks schedule, it should be revealed before the show goes on hiatus until January. They are definitely not dragging it out for the entire season. We also asked Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt about the possibility of Andy and April finding having a baby, and not only were they way into that idea, but they even had some knowing smiles on their faces while talking about it. Take that with a grain of salt, or run with it and just assume and Andy-April offspring is coming! Your choice.


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Conrad: Obsessed with AHS: Coven, so I'll take any teases you've got for tonight's episode!
Welcome to flashback city, where we'll be meeting the former Supreme witch...and a young Fiona, a student at the school her daughter Cordelia now runs, who is very interested in learning how one becomes the Supreme.

Monica: That Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode was absolutely insane! Can you tell me something to hold me over until January?!
Pretty crazy right?! For all those cotton-headed ninny-muggins who missed it, get caught up with our recap! For everyone else, let's dish! PLL star Lucy Hale exclusively tells us that the liars will be on the hunt for answers when season 4B returns next year (Jan. 7 to be exact)! "They're on this whole new path of answering more questions. They've already figured out certain things, and so now they're just crossing off every question off the list," she spills. "They're girls on a mission now. They're still fearful and scared, but it's almost like they're fearless in a way." And yes, Aria will most definitely find out about Ezra's double life as an A team member…

Pete: Lacking on the H5-0 spoilers, my dears. Help me out!
Danny and a mysterious new girl, sitting in a tree! We can't tell you what happens next, but Danny meets someone in episode 12 that will more than spark his interest. Oh, my! And then because it's TV, something bad happens to her that could jeopardize everything. Meanwhile in that same episode, Grover gets wrapped up in a hostage situation, and by that we mean he becomes the hostage.

Isabelle: Parenthood scoop, spoilers, info…what have you!
Remember when we told you that Office alum David Denman (aka Pam's ex Roy) would be coming to maybe stir up trouble between Joel and Julia as stay-at-home dad Ed? Well, now we can definitely confirm that there will be trouble brewing for them, and while it's not directly David's character's fault, he is involved. Julia and Ed will cause the rumor mill to churn with the moms at the school, and stories will spread like wildfire that they are having an affair. Julia will obviously not let that fly, which will make for a great confrontation between her and the adult mean girls.

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