Michael Vick, Riley Cooper

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"Poor Michael Vick." 

That's how Forbes leads their list of the 10 most disliked players in the NFL. The results, which were compiled by E-Poll Market Researched after surveying 1,100 people, reveal that Michael Vick is the most hated man in football. 

"Pollsters have told us on a few occasions that while Vick scores well with hardcore NFL fans, casual fans still identify him mostly with the legal woes of a few years ago," Forbes.com claims in defense of Vick.

There are defenses for each of the guys though. And people that are willing to defend them:

1. Michael Vick 

In detest of Michael Vick: With 53% of people polled saying they dislike the Philadelphia Eagle, Forbes explains, "Those who identify as big NFL fans like him, but much of the wider audience still knows him as the dog-fighting guy."

In defense of Michael Vick:

Manti Te'o

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2. Manti Te'o

In detest of Manti Te'o: 48% of those polled disliked the San Diego Charger. Forbes says, "Not enough playing time as a rookie yet to erase memories of the bizarre fake girlfriend episode at Notre Dame last year."

In defense of Manti Te'o:

Mark Sanchez

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

5. Mark Sanchez 

In detest of Mark Sanchez: 40% of those polled disliked the New York Jet, with Forbes saying he "has never seemed unlikeable, just began taking heat for his own and the Jets regression last year. With rookie QB Geno Smith now showing promise, Sanchez, out with an injured shoulder, is even easier to dump on."

In defense of Mark Sanchez:

Tony Romo

Scott Boehm/Getty Images

7. Tony Romo

In detest of Tony Romo: 32% of those polled disliked the Dallas Cowboy. Forbes says that he is "underrated and underappreciated. That's life as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys when you don't get to the Super Bowl, regardless of your eilte play."

In defense of Tony Romo:

Tom Brady

Sam Riche/Mct/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com

9. Tom Brady

In detest of Tom Brady: Only 25% of those polled disliked Tom Brady, with Forbes calling him a "pretty boy" with a "model wife, perfect life. Women love him, but guys can't picture him coming over to watch the game over a few beers, like they can with Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers."

In defense of Tom Brady: Uh, this dude's biggest problem is that he's gorgeous, has a gorgeous wife and his life is amazing? Yeah, we think he's going to be just fine.

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