Shailene Woodley

Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Well, this is a first. We've compared celebs to birds, beasts, vintage couches and even a shower curtain, but calling Shailene Woodley a walking carpet sample has got to be the furthest we've ever gone.

What is this thing, and why in the world did Calvin Klein create it?! Unless his honest answer is that he went green by recycling some old carpet squares, we cannot get behind this look.

For starters, it's way too long. We understand if this starlet doesn't want to jump on the micro mini bandwagon, but the Divergent star looks like an old maid in this length. Then there's the color comboor lack thereof. It's like a forest in the dead of winter! One patch of dark green and the rest a miserable grey. But our biggest issue is the total and complete lack of shape. There are shift dresses and then there are pieces of fabric sewn together with a neck hole at the top.

So our apologies to Calvin Klein and Shailene, but we're about as likely to pick one of these "carpet samples" as we are to ever support this dress.

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