Tom Hanks, Tea

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for BFI

How bloody adorable is this?!

Tom Hanks wanted to make sure that he had some comfort during the chilly red carpet premiere for Saving Mr. Banks in London last night, so he had a hot cup of tea on hand. Yes, really!

The actor did interviews while holding on to a red, green and white mug full of the soothing beverage and a "spoonful of sugar," as he put it, which is very fitting considering Hanks plays legendary studio boss Walt Disney in the film that shows the struggle he went through to get the now classic Mary Poppins onto the big screen.

"It's not just the happy Uncle Walt that made people's dreams come true," Hanks told reporters.

"There was a pragmatic rather bare-knuckled businessman in there, who if charm didn't work and hard sell and negotiation didn't work either, well, then there was just some other place he'd have to go to make it happen."

The iconic actor discussed his fears on playing such a big role nearly a year ago.

"I don't want to piss anybody off. I want to be accurate, more than anything else," Tom told E! News at the L.A. premiere of American Master: Inventing David Geffen presented by the Peggy Siegal Company. "John Lee Hancock is the director, and it's really the story of Emma Thompson more than it's about me, so, you know, I don't want to screw up."

Luckily, it appears that he isn't. "They haven't fired me, so so far so good!"

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