Welcome to the dark and mysterious town of Ravenswood.

Founded in 1764, this small Pennsylvania town is practically swimming in death and destruction due to a dangerous curse that has plagued its citizens for generations. And now that curse is about to strike again, tonight.

Although Ravenswood is the highly anticipated spinoff of the smash ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars, we're pleased to tell you that you don't have to be caught up on the all crazy murderous mysteries in Rosewood in order to tune in.

To get you as excited as we are about tonight's ghostly new drama, we've gathered up everything you need to know about Ravenswood. Plus we've snagged exclusive scoop from star Tyler Blackburn to find out what's next for Haleb's relationship and just how terrifying Ravenswood can be.

Pretty Little Tips: Yes, it's true, this is a PLL spinoff, but fans should know that Ravenswood is a brand new series that features a captivating and jaw-dropping plot that is completely separate from its mother-series. So here's what you need to know…

Former bad-boy hottie Caleb Rivers (Blackburn) has a steamy and wonderful relationship with Hanna Marin, (Ashley Benson) one of our infamous liars. However, the details of Caleb's family have always been a shadowed mystery, so when it appears that he could have distant relatives that came from Ravenswood, he'll do anything to discover the truths of his past.

The only other tie-in to the Pretty Little Liars world is with Carla Grunwald (Meg Foster) a gifted woman who has to ability to see and sense things that most people cannot. On the night of Alison' s (Sasha Pieterse) "death," Carla had a horrible premonition that allowed her to find a buried alive Alison and save her life. Alison soon disappeared after Carla pulled her from her premature grave.



Who's Who? We've already met Caleb, so let's do a quick little roll call of the other Ravenswood residents that you need to know. Miranda Collins (Nicole Gale Anderson) has a dark foster home past that is very similar to Caleb's. Although the two are being described as "kindred spirits" that does not mean that Haleb fans should be freaking out. Well, for now at least.

Miranda has traveled to this little town in search of her only living family member, her uncle, Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral), the owner of the Ravenswood funeral parlor and caretaker of the cemetery. Raymond is ridged, tight-lipped, and possibly dangerous, but above all it's very clear that he is hiding something.

And now for the rest of our cursed Ravenswood-ites. Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke Matheson (Brett Dier) are twins who have suffered a great family loss and a hard fall from grave on the social ladder. Their father was murdered and all the signs point to one suspect: their mother. (Cue the dramatic music, please!) Lastly Remy Beaumont (Britne Oldford) is an intelligent and hardworker whose connections at the town newspaper can help uncover the answers they need to understand this curse.

NEWS: Pretty Little Liars Finale: Sasha Pieterse teases twin theories and what's ahead!



Thrills and Chills: Don't let the promos fool you—this series is not just a bunch of black feathers and leisurely strolls through a cemetery, people! There are dark supernatural forces in Ravenswood that would make "A" look like a harmless kitten.

Blackburn reveals that he loves how much more twisted and terrifying Ravenswood is when compared to PLL. He gushes, "This show rivals some of the top-notch psychological thrillers. Some of the scripts have been surprisingly eerie and I think they've had to tweak some scenes because they're just a little too scary for the network, but I love that."

The actor continues, "It's pushing the boundaries and it's going to open up a whole new door for the audience." And by "whole new door" he means it'll scare the beejeezus outta you! We're still terrified to look at our bathtubs, puddles, etc. Basically after tonight, beware of any and all bodies of water…

VIDEO: Ravenswood: Check out the terrifying trailer for the Pretty Little Liars spinoff!

Take a look at our full interview with Blackburn above to find out even more secrets from Ravenswood and what's ahead for Hanna and Caleb's long-distance romance!

Don't miss the series premiere of Ravenswood tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family! 

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