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It's bring your girlfriend to work day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital!

Alternative title? It's have an awkward conversation with your ex day! Either title is appropriate for Grey's Anatomy's Oct. 24 episode "Map of You," which finds Owen (Kevin McKidd) inviting his new girlfriend Emma Marling (Marguerite Moreau), an attending at Seattle Presbyterian, to the hospital to observe a surgery. One problem: His ex Cristina (Sandra Oh) works there! Yep, things could definitely get awkward.

We've got an exclusive sneak peek from Thursday's all-new episode of Grey's to share with you, which features Cristina and Owen having a little chat about his new girlfriend hanging around the hospital. Plus, the clip also features some tension between BFFs Cristina and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that we are not happy about...

Though she's also a doctor, Emma wants to make sure people don't think she's using her new relationship to her professional advantage, saying, "I just don't want to trade on our whatever-this-is just to get to observe a surgery. I just like to keep it professional at work," Emma says before Owen admits he's told a few people that they have dating.

After the two awkwardly shake hands as a way of saying goodbye, Emma literally bumps into Cristina, who tells Owen it won't be weird for her having his new girlfriend around, but suggests it might be uncomfortable for Emma. "Will it be weird for her?" Cristina asks. "Is she the type to get freaked out by the ex?" Before Owen can reply, Cristina is distracted by her best friend Mer, who is definitely feeling "weird" around her person.

With Oh set to exit the long-running ABC series at the end of this season, fans can expect to see things get "pretty complicated and emotional for Owen," McKidd recently told us. "I don't think Owen is ready to give up. Cristina's made this decision that they should break up, he's signed off, he's agreed. I don't think he's really ready. I think he's being a guy about it. He's not really saying how he really feels."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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