Rachel Zoe

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Before diving into our critiques, we want to say that we think Rachel Zoe is the greatest stylist Hollywood has ever seen. Her taste in celebrity red carpet wear is flawless and her clients frequently end up on the Best Dressed lists.

Therefore, we absolutely cannot understand why she can't dress herself?! This pale pink mountain of fabric literally looks like a burlap bag made out of slightly better fabric. And, like much of what the reality star wears, it's ten sizes too big!

We are well aware that this busy business owner is pregnant with baby number two, but we've heard her advise other celebs that fitted bump wear is best, so that's no excuse. We also know that she worships all-things black, so we don't get why she'd wash herself out with a skin tone style. And finally, forgive us, but somebody needs to run a comb through that wispy hair...

Maybe this look signifies that Rachel's used all her good ideas up on her A-list clients? If so, she should probably hire herself a stylist.

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