Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups


Next year, Butterfinger will begin rolling out their innovative, totally original, brand-spanking-new candy idea: Peanut butter cups. Because you have surely never heard of a peanut butter cup before, let us explain: It is chocolate in a cup shape, filled with peanut butter.

"The peanut butter cup is America's favorite candy," Jeremy Vandervoet, brand manager for Butterfinger, explained (via CNBC). "This is the first time the peanut butter cup will change." 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it's because it sounds exactly like a Reese's.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Courtesy of Hershey's

"Butterfinger will have something that Reese's doesn't," Gary Stibel, CEO at New England Consulting Group, continued. "There is definitely room for two in this market segment."

The "something different" is...Butterfinger.

Bits of the candy bar's signature crunch will be added in with the traditional peanut butter cup for a "Butterfingerized" makeover that's being touted as the "most radical-ever twist to the 90-year-old old candy bar."

Part of the reason Butterfinger has entered the peanut butter cup market, besides money, is as an fix to a common complaint: "People prefer Butterfinger in small doses," Vandervoet claimed, noting they people opt for Butterfinger alternatives instead of "gobbling down entire bars."

Speak for yourself.

Anyway, he continued the company's thought process, "How do we go beyond the bar to give people smaller doses of Butterfinger?" 

Hershey, who makes Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and bankrolls more than $420 million a year, doesn't seem fazed: Anna Lingeris, senior brand manger at Hershey, replied, "Reese's is one of America's most beloved brands."

(And, full disclosure, Reese's has done the same thing, with Reese's Sticks, aka the Kit Kat, and Reese's NutRageous, which is kind of like a 100 Grand or a Snickers. All is fair in love and candy.)

So, where do your confectionary loyalties lie? 

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