Matt Lauer's recent interview with Miley Cyrus continues to buzz around the Internet—specifically the pop singer's comment about a person's sex life disappearing once they turn 40 years old.

"I heard when you turn 40, things start to go a little less sexual," she told the co-anchor on Today. "Probably around that time, I heard that's when people don't have sex anymore. I guess maybe around then."

And Lauer, 55, wasn't at all offended by the comment. In fact, he told E! News that he found it pretty amusing.

"No, I wasn't shocked at all, I thought it was actually really funny," he told Alicia Quarles at Elton John's 12th annual AIDS foundation benefit last night.

Matt Lauer, Miley Cyrus

NBC, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"I mean, Miley is what...22 years old and she's talking about—20? OK, 20—and she's talking about the sexuality of people who are 40, 45, 50, 55. Let's go back and do that interview when she's 55 and I think she'll have a different answer."

That would definitely be the case if Cyrus follows in Suzanne Somers' footsteps.

While appearing on Tuesday's The Talk, the 66-year-old star was asked how often she and her husband of 36 years, Alan Hamel, get it on, and her answer completely debunks Miley's theory. "He's on hormones and I'm on hormones," said the former Three's Company actress before revealing that they have sex "a couple times a day."

And don't worry, the Bangerz singer promises to keep us posted on what happens. "I'll let you know how my sex life goes when I'm 40," she told E! News.

Can't wait.

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