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We just wanna spoil you!

However since we can't afford to send a pony to each and every one of your houses, it looks like a plethora of TV scoop will have to suffice. We've got spoilers on the Pretty Little Liars annual Halloween special, a famly reunion on How I Met Your Mother, and an untrustworthy rodent on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. All that and much more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

Lyla: What's coming up on Beauty and the Beast?
Death is what's coming up. A character will lose their life before the midseason finale. Rest assured, it's not Vincent or Catherine. However, everyone else, from guest stars to recurring characters, are not safe.

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Logan: This week's episode of How I Met Your Mother practically put me to sleep. Please tell me that something interesting is coming up?
If by interesting you mean legendary, then yes! John Lithgow will be coming back to HIMYM in November to reprise his role as Jerry, aka Barney's formerly long lost father. "I'm just so delighted to be included in their last season," The iconic actor tells us. "I haven't received the script just yet but whatever they ask me to do." One thing we knows for sure is that after nine years of waiting we are finally going to get a scene with both Barney's father and mother! "I'll be working with Francis Conroy," he reveals. "I've always wanted to work with that fabulous actress so that's great." Hmm, we wonder what Loretta will think of Jerry's new wife…

Theresa: Hit me up with some Nashville info!
Remember how Juliette hooked up with the super hot and super rich Charlie? That will definitely not be a one-time thing. Charlie has got it back for Miss Barnes. Also coming up is Rayna making a very surprising decision involving her dad.

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Meghan: I can't wait for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special! Can you share any spooky details?
We just finished watching the annual PLL Halloween episode and you definitely won't be dissapointed! Don't beleive us? Well then maybe you'll believe what Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene Kingtold us: "With every Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, it keeps getting darker and darker, scarier and scarier." She continues, "Last year's episode was insane and this one tops that. So we really took creative license in writing and producing the most amazingly scary, mini-movie of PLL that we could."

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Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, Sophie Lowe, Peter Gadiot

ABC/Jack Rowand

Chelsea: I cannot begin to tell you how much I'm loving Once Upon a Time in Wonderland! What else is coming up?
We suggest you keep your eye on one character in particular. He's may be cute and punctual, but this show's White Rabbit is oh-so sneaky! We just got off the phone with the voice that brings the White Rabbit to life, John Lithgow, and he tells us that our furry little friend has some tricks up his sleeve this season. "The White Rabbit is devious and not to be trusted, but the things that motivate him I think are understandable." The actor reveals, "I think that people ultimately will really like this character." Well, considering that the Red Queen was two seconds away from making rabbit stew in the pilot, I guess we can be a little bit slightly sympathetic.

Tyler: Do you have anything you could please share on Revolution?
Why yes, kind sir. Yes we do. Prepare to meet two new fellas by episode 11—one is charming and charismatic while the other is power-hungry and headstrong. Better watch your back because the one you'd least expect could turn on you at a moment's notice.

Miriam: I really hope Sebastian and Carrie get back together on The Carrie Diaries! Please tell me we'll get some good stuff in the premiere!
That depends on your definition of good stuff? Is Carrie over Sebastian? No. Is she ready to forgive him? Nope. But is Sebastian dead-set on earning back her trust and getting back together? Yep! The couple share two scenes: One awkward, one adorable.

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