Jenny McCarthy

Walter McBride/Getty Images

Brace yourself for this fact: Jenny McCarthy's crazy combo is actually a designer look. 

Yes, the famous house of Gucci really sent this strange style down the runway, so we can't totally blame the Jenny McCarthy Show host for assuming it was safe to wear. That said, somebody in her camp should have trusted their own fashion gut on this one, even if the Italians did OK it.

We'd love to know more about the dress underneath that bulky sweater because there's a chance it could be saved. The jewel tone skirt and cami-style top are sexy in a vintage Hollywood way, and we actually love those leopard t-strap pumps.

But it all falls apart with that brown knit and belt comboway too bulky and way too boring. Jenny attempts to dress it up with the long, black gloves, but they just make matters messier.

This sexy dresser should stick to the plunging necklines and cocktail dresses and save a look like this for 20 years in the future.

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