Kitten Rescue


A kitten has found a new home and we have found the most adorable story of the week. 

At 1:15 a.m. this morning, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call in South L.A., where someone reported "about a cat that needed rescuing," NBC Los Angeles explains. 

The cat in question was actually a little kitten and it was stuck in a storm drain, meowing for help. Sgt. Lizarraga with the LAPD's 77th Division Station says the cat had been trapped in that storm drain for two days.

Firefighters eventually lured the kitten out using—wait for it—a hamburger. Yes, adorable little kitty, you can haz hamburger. Once the kitten crept out of its hiding spot, firefighters were able to pull it to safety.

Once the kitten was outside, the firefighters quickly learned that the kitty had one hell of a personality (watch NBC's video below and see for yourself). Also, it appeared to be in good health.

The best part of the story? 

One cop Officer Mannoury, took a liking to the kitten and decided to adopt it. 

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