The Originals

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"It's not small town anymore."

Leave it to star Joseph Morgan to give us the biggest difference between his new hit series The Originals and its mother show, The Vampire Diaries. Klaus (Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) aren't high schoolers coming to terms with their vampirism; these are monsters who embrace their dark side...making it all the more fun to watch. Especially in a city (New Orleans) they helped create that has now become a supernatural hot spot, where the freaks literally come out at night. Too bad Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has made himself quite at home on Klaus' throne since the Original hybrid bailed decades ago.

We chatted with Morgan about what viewers can expect from The Originals' all-new episode tonight, as well Elijah's eventual resurrection and whether or not Klaus will be finding love this season in the French Quarter...

War for the French Quarter: Though Klaus wants to be king of New Orleans once again, the status of his war against Marcel would be listed on "It's Complicated" on Facebook as we learn more about the duo's backstory, which involves Klaus taking Marcel in like a son. "We're really going learn more about that. I hear we're going to flashback again and see some more stuff that's in their past," Morgan teases of Klaus and Marcel's loaded history. "But I thoroughly enjoy those scenes because as much as Klaus wants to take down Marcel, I'm not sure that he wants him dead. He wants what he has but, also there's a respect there and there's a love there from their history, you know, and that's what makes it so interesting to play."

And for fans intrigued by Marcel's vampire hierarchy, Morgan says you'll "love" tonight's episode, in which, "You learn a lot more about Marcel's right-hand man Thierry and we learn a lot more about their kind of dynamic and the history there and so therefore the whole kind of infrastructure."

Sibling Rivalry: Rest assured Elijah fans, the well-coiffed Original will be waking up soon enough and will soon give Klaus some competition, but not in the way you might expect. "He's not too happy about what Klaus did and he is very much in favor of the idea of the child and the family," Morgan previews, "Perhaps more so than Klaus initially, and more protective of the baby than Klaus, and so there's a little conflict there now. I think Klaus starts to feel a little usurped." Uh-oh, we all know what happens when Klaus feels threatened!

An Epic Faceoff: Counting down the minutes until Klaus finally faces off against all-powerful witch Davina (Danielle Campbell), who has been hiding in Marcel's attic? So are we, especially after Morgan provided quite the tease for the showdown between the Original and the 16-year-old. "It's the first time these characters meet...and we're gonna see some of what she can do, what she's capable of," he teases of episode four's big church scene. "We're gonna see Klaus really play. I think the way we described it when we were doing it is like the snake in the garden of Eden, the tempter, the manipulator. So it's going to be very interesting to see whether she succumbs to that or not."

Romance Shmo-mance: Love? Klaus ain't got time for that! "I mean he has a connection in different ways with different characters, but there's been no kissing, I suppose, or no kind of moment where you go, 'Yeah, that's going happen,'" Morgan says. (And the Klaroline fans go wild!)

Pink or Blue?: So is Klaus hoping for a boy or girl...or a new supernatural entity that will take over the world when Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) gives birth? "It's difficult to say. I would imagine he would want a son, but I would imagine that he would want that child to take over the world. You know like in Game of Thrones, in season one, they talk about Daenerys' child being the ‘stallion that mounts the world,"? Like that kind of feel," Morgan says. "But then I also feel that he'd be threatened by that; the son may grow up to despise the father and to kill him. I think there's a serious danger of that it if it was a son, or even if it was a daughter. But I'm not sure. I think it's tough enough getting him on board with the idea of the baby!" didn't hear it from us, but we'll find out the sex of the baby very, very soon!

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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