Christina Aguilera's spent a lot of time with her fellow coaches on The Voice, and somewhere along the way, she figured out their exact mannerisms!

In an episode of The Queen Latifah Show airing Monday, Oct. 14, the singer hilariously (and really, quite impressively) impersonates Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green.

"Adam said this about you," Latifah says, handing Christina a card. "Can you read this?"

"I'll try," the blond beauty says. "Adam is very like—it's high-energy and very rushed…He's standing on his chair, doing cartwheels—I don't know what he's doing! He's like a jumping bean."

The Voice Judges

Mark Seliger/NBC

She then proceeded to, in a very Adam-esque manner, read what he said about her. "Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers on earth," she starts, "but I can assure you, she is not one of the best judges."

"Blake's the opposite," she says, moving on to impersonate the country star. "He's more slowed down and relaxed. So if he's talking—it's, 'Wow, you sing your ass off! That's probably why you wear suspenders…too keep your pants up!"

As for CeeLo? "He's great," says Christina, noting that he speaks "in like poetic rhyme!"

"Have you noticed that?" she asks. "He's so sultry and smooth!"

OK, boys time to do your best Christina!

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