Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson

YouTube; Getty Images

Tom Hiddleston is certainly a man of many talents.

Case in point? The Thor star's spot-on impression of fellow actor Owen Wilson.

But wait, it gets better. Check out Hiddleston impersonating Owen Wilson impersonating...Loki, the baddie Hiddleston plays in the Marvel universe!

The request came during an interview with Popcorn Taxi and, not surprising, it immediately went viral.

After taking a moment to prepare himself, Hiddleston, speaking in Wilson's laid-back voice, proceeds to say, complete with Wilson-like mannerisms, "It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave, you know, subjugation. You know, for God's sake, you know, just, like, kneel. I'm Loki of glorious Asgard, I'm burdened with glorious purpose, that's all."

Clearly, Hiddleston was taking notes while working with Wilson on the Woody Allen flick Midnight in Paris.

Meanwhile, the charismatic actor will be seen as Loki when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on Nov. 8.

And based on the trailers, he won't be channeling you-know-who.

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