Alexander Skarsgard, Cut Copy

Alexander Skarsgard shirtless, just how we like him!

In Cut Copy's new "Free Your Mind" music video, the hunky True Blood star plays a cult leader (a super-sexy cult leader, that is!).

Wearing only blue hospital pants and an open white robe that shows off Skarsgård's six-pack and hot body, the video shows the 37-year-old actor strolling around a rural compound and checking on his cult members. Adding to Skarsgård's cult-leader look is a long, blond wig.

In the vid, Skarsgård is shown doing a number of unusual things: He baptizes a woman in a pool before kissing her on the forehead; he tames a vicious pit bull with his bark; he pees in front of a woman, who takes notes while analyzing his urination; and he gets in on a little makeout session with a female friend.

All of this takes place while identically dressed members hang out around the complex.

At the very end of the music video, Skarsgård escapes the cult and is shown running through a dark forest in only white underwear.

See how hot Skarsgård looks in the vid for yourself!

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