Britney Spears, Work Bitch

The man behind Britney Spears' superhot "Work Bitch" video is spilling secrets from the shoot.

Ben Mor, who directed the sexy music video, took time Thursday to answer Twitter questions from loyal members of the Britney Army, dishing on everything from the concept behind the video to the meaning of the song to what it was like to work with the princess of pop. 

"Working with Britney on a video is a very collaborative process," Mor says when asked about the pop star's vision for the music video. "She let me know right from the start that she was interested in creating great backdrops that will feature the dancing and she also wanted elements of the video to take place in a desert setting and give a slight nod to her upcoming Vegas residency." 

"I used this as a foundation for my initial treatment/concept and presented Britney with a variety of ideas some of which she really liked and some she wanted to modify," he continues. "After a few creative back and forth rounds we were both happy with the direction and overall vibe of the video and we got straight to work preparing for the shoot. 

As for any silly Britney bloopers during filming? Mor says he and Spears were incredibly focused due to their time constraints.

"For me most video shoots are highly stressful simply because there is never enough time to film all of my ideas so the last thing I am looking forward to are 'bloopers'," he explains. "Unlike on a movie or a television show 'bloopers' on video shoots are never that funny." 

But that doesn't mean that there weren't any surprise moments during the filming process.

"Every shoot has unexpected moments that you just can't control or predict," he shares. "One that comes to mind was how hard it was for us to get Britney's flowing white fabric when she was on top of the inverted pyramid in the desert to open up and catch the wind like it did, we got it to work in the end but in hindsight it shouldn't have been that hard. Even though the scene only lasts a few seconds in the video it had to look dramatic."

Britney Spears, Work


Safe to say it was a job well done! But what about the sexy scenes where Spears is whipping a woman?

"Britney does not 'randomly' whip anyone," he clarifies. "We wanted a fierce way of communicating the idea of Britney telling someone to get to 'Work Bitch' and wagging her finger at them was not as cool." 

Makes sense. And Mor also opens up about the "hidden messages" in the video: 

"Something maybe more hidden is the License Plate of the Lamborghini which reads BB72," he shares. "The BB is of course Britney Bitch and the 72 is my birth year  (i'm old...ish), couldn't resist." 

Britney Spears, Good Morning America, Vegas

ABC/Ronda Churchill

Too cute! As for BritBrit's favorite itty-bitty outfit from the shoot?

"If I had to guess I think she really loved the gold metallic two piece that she wore against the white wall with the dancers as well as when she was lit up by the Lamborghini lights in the same outfit with the added 'capelet,'" he reveals. "Pretty sure she also loved the yellow bustier and pants outfit during the Vegas Penthouse dance sequence," says, adding that the "interior dancing sequence in the Vegas Penthouse" and the scene where she's "up against the white wall and lit by the headlights of the Lamborghini" were some of her favorites.

And finally, Mor shares the meaning behind the music video.

"Very simply: If you want to achieve anything great in life you better be prepared to work very hard...... 'bitches." 

What do you think of BritBrit's "Work Bitch" music video? Tell us in the comments!

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