Rita Ora, Katy Perry, BSML

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Pop stars...they're nothing like us. They wear t-shirt imprinted with religious imagery better fit for a stained glass window.

Katy Perry has jumped on Rita Ora's style bandwagon, and now they're both riding it into funky fashion town. We're not surprised that the "Roar" singer chose this wild House of Holland printed top, but we are surprised that she stole it from a member of her own pop community! Aren't there rules against that sort of thing?

If we're being honest, we don't like either of these looks. John Mayer's main squeeze has a weird gothic schoolgirl thing going on, complete with extra long pigtails and extra high knee socks. She looks like a SNL character in the get-up.

And yet the "R.I.P." singer doesn't offer much by way of competition. Her see-through lace skirt is a weird companion for the over-sized T, and that flat-brimmed hat makes even less sense.

We want to call this a draw (aka double fail), but we'll give it to Rita for wearing it first. What's your say?

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