Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, Sophie Lowe, Peter Gadiot

ABC/Jack Rowand

Did you enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole?

The series premiere of the new fantasy Once Upon a Time in Wonderland just graced our TV screens and we're already under its fairy-tale spell. Brought to you by the creative masterminds of Once Upon a Time, the new ABC drama reintroduced viewers to the wacky world of talking cats, hookah-smoking caterpillars and height-changing mushrooms—but with a grown-up twist!

We want to know what you thought of the enchanted new spinoff! Did Wonderland, leave you feeling bewitched or just plan bored? That is the question we're asking you in our latest Save It or Sink It poll...

Alice, played by newcomer Sophie Lowe, is no longer the lost and confused little girl that we once knew. She's a strong and confident young woman whose loyalty and passion will help her overcome all the wickedly evil obstacles put in her path.

We sat down with the lovely Lowe and her onscreen soul mate Peter Gadiot, to find out what it takes to create such a fierce and fun heroine. Lowe explains, "I definitely did my research and watched all the [movies] and read all the books and then read the books again, but I kind of thought, 'OK, I need to make it my own.'"

Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, Sophie Lowe

ABC/Bob D'Amico

The actress continues, "It's Alice all grown up. She's a woman now and she's got her feet on the ground and she's strong and she's not as lost as she used to be when she was a little girl. She has fallen in love and had all these amazing adventures and she experiences a lot for her age. But she can kick butt which is another new aspect of Alice that no one has ever done before, which is cool."

With a stellar ensemble cast lead by Lowe's role-model-worthy Alice, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has the potential to be the next big hit, but will you continue to watch? Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on down to the comments to discuss Wonderland with your fellow TV lovers.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Save It or Sink It
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?
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