Take note, #StarbucksDrakeHands: This is how you take a selfie!

Beyoncé took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to post the selfie to end all selfies.

The stunning singer already has a track record for sharing some pretty attention-grabbing self-shot Instagrams; there was the makeup-free pic that showed us another side to the usually stage-ready star, and the headline-making selfie in which she debuted her pretty pixie cut.

But Bey's latest snapshot is as clever as it is gorgeous, and definitely made us smile!

In it, Jay-Z's ladylove does her best impression of an Instagram selfie by holding up the app's familiar frame—complete with her user-name, location and a whopping 150,000 likes—up to her face, and then posting it as a—you guessed it!—selfie on her account. 

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Can you say Insta-love?

And the best part is that Bey's witty shot is the perfect option for those still looking for a Halloween costume.

Not only is it budget-friendly (a cardboard frame doesn't exactly break the bank, people), but aside from the prop, you already have all the material you need—namely, yourself.

Of course, you could always dress up as the snazzy singer and have fun with the hashtags. Tag yourself #SingleLady if you're looking, or perhaps #BowDown if you're feeling particularly confident on All Hallow's Eve.

And of course, snap as many Instagrams as you can! We're betting this is one selfie that will get a lot of likes!

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