If Kathie Lee Gifford could turn back time, she'd be leading a very different life than she does today.

The morning TV host appeared on Fox News Channel's The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, and along with discussing the government shutdown and her tips on how to balance a budget, Gifford shared an interesting piece of information.

"If I could go back to college, I'd probably go to Hebrew University in Israel and study for however long it took to get my rabbinical degree," she said. "Because I started studying the Scriptures that way, through the eyes of a rabbi and through the Middle Eastern eyes and it's transformed my life."

Yep, Kathie Lee Gifford would want to be a rabbi.

Aside from speaking of her various (and interesting) aspirations, she commented on the government shutdown, noting that this action is nothing new to her and because of that, Gifford is not freaking out about it.

"I'm old enough to have lived through a lot of the shutdowns and it's like a third or fourth child—you don't panic again because you've been through it before. It's one of those things. It's ugly but you don't panic."

However, Gifford did also talk about a separate topic closer to home during the Today show.

A new tell-all book by Henry Bushkin, a lawyer who worked for Johnny Carson for 18 years, claims that the iconic talk show host suspected that his wife Joanne was having an affair with Kathie Lee's now-husband Frank Gifford.

Kathie Lee denied the story, explaining that she asked her 83-year-old hubby about it. "Tell me, it was long time ago. Did you have an affair with her?" she asked him. "He goes 'I can't remember! Maybe.'"

Frank was married to first wife Maxine at the time, and then married Kathie Lee in 1986, more than 15 years after the alleged affair with Carson's wife.

"No, it's not true," she continued. "That particular one, although we all know what the man is capable of, as you know. Not true."

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