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Hmm...Does deliver to post-apocalyptic prisons? The Walking Dead's Maggie and Glenn might want to start looking into such things, because—and we are only speculating here—we have a sneaking suspicion a baby might be on the way for the show's core couple.

In anticipation of Sunday's season-four premiere of TWD, we spoke with Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and, acting like a true nervous daddy-to-be, here's how Yeun responded to a question about whether Maggie might ever get pregnant:

"You know, I think that's definitely a genuine, um, you know, thing that could be," Yeun stumbled. "And, um, obviously, I can't really address that at any point. But you know, there's genuine fears that go along with trying to live a normal life in that world, and that all applies into what makes it more dangerous, or what makes you more vulnerable, so it's all cool."

[Spoiler alert for anyone who has not read the books: We don't like the idea of Maggie getting pregnant because, suffice to say, it did not bode well for the beloved couple!]

Cohan, who calls season four "crazier than ever," with "a whole new pulse," has this to say about what's in store for her beautiful (dare we say...glowing? no, we better not) alter ego Maggie: "A lot more strength, a lot more leadership. Everything that happened to Maggie last year has definitely solidified her strength and has made her more of a warrior. So it's pretty awesome. She's taking no prisoners this year."

In the first episode back, we see Glenn taking extra-special, seemingly extra-cautious care of his ladylove…Which may or may not be a sign. ‘Cause,  you know, Glenn's just good like that. But suffice to say, the show's core couple seem stronger and more adorably in love than ever. (And you know how The Walking Dead works, happiness sure makes us nervous about things to come!)

Speaking of nerves, Cohan says she fully empathizes with viewers who suffer major anxiety watching the show, and can offer up a valid form of therapy to cope: zombie slashing. "We, at least as actors, get the catharsis of letting all the emotion out," she explains, "and fighting and killing and slashing the zombies and stuff. So maybe you guys need some zombie camp or something to go and release all your adrenaline."

Sounds way more fun than a leather couch. Sign us up!

The Walking Dead slayed ratings records earlier this year for AMC, with more than 12 million viewers tuning in for the season-three finale. (That's more than the series finale for Breaking Bad.)  And Yeun believes season four might be viewers' favorite season yet.

"It's the most beautiful season...The new scripts really let things breathe and let people be heard and really focus in on one thing at a time. So it's gonna be great."


Miss any of our Walking Dead Countdown so far this week? You sad, pathetic soul! Just kidding, but you should check out all the awesomeness from Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Eight Spoilers You Need to Know from the rest of the cast! The come back tomorrow for the last scoopy hurrah before Sunday's big bang.

Speaking of, I'll be answering what you want to know about season four of The Walking Dead in a special post on Friday. So tweet any question you have to @kristindsantos, or post in the comments section!

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