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It might surprise you to learn that Steven Spielberg's progeny are more into making music than movies.

Sasha Spielberg and Theo Spielberg, two of the legendary director's children with wife Kate Capshaw, formed an indie-folk band called Wardell, and apparently Jay-Z was impressed enough by the pair that he signed them to his Roc Nation music label.

Sasha, 23, and her adopted big brother Theo, 25, are currently working on their debut album, which Roc Nation says it will release in 2014.

The management company's website describes their sound as "at once warm and summery, comfortable and chill as a result of their Los Angeles upbringing…the kind of music you'd expect from two people who grew up sharing a wall, infused with that particular intimacy that comes with a life spent knowing each other."

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The siblings are already making waves in the music world, touring the country over the past year including opening for Santigold and playing a gig at Austin's famed South by Southwest music festival with Vampire Weekend.

Wardell also garnered write-ups in Interview and DIY among other magazines and landed on NME's The Buzz List—and that was when they only had one song in the public domain and had yet to release their Brother/Sister EP, which has earned good buzz.

Before she became a songbird, Sasha had acted in bit parts in several of her father's films including The Terminal, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Munich, along with the art-house hit, The Kids Are All Right. But with the success Wardell has been having, she hasn't strayed too far from her Hollywood roots.

According to The Wrap, the showbiz kid landed a deal to develop a TV pilot for ABC.

But no doubt with a little more guidance from Hova, expect to hear a lot more from Wardell. You can check out "Opossum"—the first song they ever put out—below.

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