Keanu Reeves, 47 Ronin


Keanu Reeves is back in action—and everything you might be expecting to go along with such a statement most certainly applies here.

The sometimes so-serious-he's-funny actor is in familiar territory in the new U.K. trailer for 47 Ronin, a fantastical and action-packed telling of a real-life story about a group of samurai in 18th-century Japan who set out to avenge their master's murder.

Reeves plays Kai, a half-British, half-Japanese samurai who leads his fellow warriors in seeking revenge against Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano), a bunch of dragons and other formidable beasts in honor of his slain master—and his love interest, played by Kou Shibasaki, who happens to be the slain master's daughter.

"It is time. Rivers of blood and mountains of corpses will not stand in my way," promises Rinko Kikuchi's evil Mizuki, who though she looks glamorous and seductive in a regal kimono, is up to no good along with Lord Kira.

But Keanu, er, Kai isn't fooled, telling her, "I know what you are...I'm not afraid of you."

"You should be," Mizuki fires back. (Quite literally, once the dragons get involved.)

Epic sword-fighting follows, though this trailer indicated that Kai and the 47 ronin would not be aided in their battles by slow-motion special effects.

Try not to be concerned that the film was supposed to be out last November and then in February. The big-budget samurai epic, directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, instead is due in theaters on Christmas Day (or Boxing Day, as the U.K. teaser puts it).

Out first, however, on Nov. 1, is Reeves' feature directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, also starring the 49-year-old heartthrob as an underworld fighting boss who takes a delivery boy under his wing.

In addition to being desperate for money to save his beloved temple from being bulldozed, the delivery boy—inspired by real-life stuntman Tiger Chen—happens to be a whiz at tai chi.

Excited to see Keanu back in action? Which of his new movies are you most excited for? 

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