Natasha Lyonne

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Exploring the Arts

Natasha Lyonne has fallen victim to a classic fashion fail. See, blackmuch like white or cream or really any color in the Crayola boxcomes in many different shades, and when you mix them you end up looking like, well, this.

Forgive us for knocking the Netflix star down while she's in the middle of an awesome comeback, but this look can serve as a real learning moment. The lesson: make sure your blacks match!

See how the deep black of those opaque tights look strange against the sheen of the shorts? Then there's the western-themed button down (another strange choice) that's more muted than the shorts or tights. And to finish it all off, the bag and boots are equally askew.

We feel like a simple change of color on the top and a switch of the shoes would save this look. But if we had out way we'd overhaul the whole outfit and put this star in a sexy cocktail dress. She deserves it after spending an entire season of television in prison garb.

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