In case you missed Saturday night's episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

Denver Bronco's star Eric Decker and country pop singer Jessie James head to a local caterer to sample some things from their wedding menu.

Jessie says most of her family is from Louisiana so they plan on having a lot of cajun food. Eric's a "yankee" and has never had crayfish before.

His southern gal has to teach him how it's done.

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

They start talking about babies and Eric tears up when he admits he wants to have kids soon. It was super adorable!

Jessie, her mom, and her sister, Sydney, all head back to the house to cook dinner. Food is on their brain!

They cook a great meal and Eric joins them for dinner. Right off the bat, Jessie admits something pretty personal about her and Eric's "sexy" time.

Something that could mean she's pregnant. We'll just leave it at that...

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Jessie is not on any kind of birth control (as she happily admits to everyone) and they're not taking any real precautions in the whole baby department.

They're just kind of going with the flow and letting Jesus take the wheel...

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Jessie's mom really wants to know if she's pregnant. Her mom wants her to take a pregnancy test to find out.

And not because she's excited about being a grandma or anything, she's thinking about the wedding!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

During dinner, the jeweler shows up and surprises them all with their rings. Eric forgot she was coming!

We noticed she has a pretty unique name...

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Eric puts on his wedding band and Jessie loves it. She doesn't want him to ever take it off!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Then, in an adorable moment, Eric gets down on one knee and proposes again!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

So cute!

He seems pretty used to it by now...

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Eric and Jessie head out for a hike with their pups and discuss Jessie's music career.


Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

She admits it's been five years since her last album but she's ready now and working super hard on new music.

Jessie's been traveling to L.A. and Nashville a lot for meetings and recording sessions. They talk about moving and what might work best for them.

Whatever they decide, Jessie's super focused and not giving up!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Jess heads to L.A. to meet with her manager, Bobby.

They discuss her future and he jokes around that Jessie can't have a baby now because it's "in her contract."

We don't think Eric would be too happy about that...

While Jessie's out in L.A., Bobby set her up with a fun photoshoot to promote her new music and things get sexy real fast.

She's all ready and she steps in front of the camera...


Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

This is what we like to call "gorgeous"!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Work it, girl!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Give the camera all you've got!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Now tell us something embarrassing that we probably shouldn't know!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap


While Jessie's in L.A., Eric's busy at home washing the dogs, taking care of "hangers".

This picture should adequately describe exactly what that is...


Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Jessie gets home and gives him a sexy smooch.

It's nice to see the cute couple back together!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

With all of the baby talk that has been happening, Sydney decides to bring over one of the kids she babysits to see what Eric and Jessie would be like as parents.

She basically just brings the kid in, drops off the stuff, says good luck and leaves.

Eric and Jessie play with him, feed him and even check his diaper.

They really like taking care of the kid and they seem like they'd be great parents!


Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Jessie says she's not really ready to have kids right now but after taking care of the little guy, it really jump started her motherly instincts.

And we totally understand. How could you say no to this adroable face?!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

It's finally time for Jessie to find out if she's pregnant or not.

After picking up a pregnancy test with Sydney, she comes back home and tells Eric she's going to take it.

They're both really nervous but he's actually hoping she's preggers.

Jessie gets a good luck kiss and she walks to the restroom to take the test.

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

It's the moment of truth!

Jessie's anxious, Eric's anxious, we're anxious.

She steps around the corner and has the results.

Is she pregnant?!

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Sadly, not this time.

Eric's a little disappointed but says it'll happen when it's suppose to happen.

Jessie's glad they shared this moment and even though she didn't feel completely ready to have a baby, she feels a lot more ready now.

Eric & Jessie, 102 Recap

Good attitude!

Next week's episode shows the power couple on vacation in Hawaii and it looks like a lot of fun! We can't wait!!

Check next week for another full recap!

Tune-in next Saturday at 6PM in the UK for an all NEW episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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