Celebrity Children Books, Jessica Lange

Adults love her as the scandalous, not-so-kid-friendly Sister Jude on American Horror Story.

But pretty soon, Jessica Lange will reach a whole new audience with the release of her first children's book.

The 40-page read, titled It's About a Little Bird, tells the story of two little sisters who learn some exciting news at their grandma's farm. While exploring their temporary home, the young girls discover an old birdcage. The duo later learn their grandma used to own a special canary named Uccellino in Rome!

"This is a story I made up for my granddaughters," Lange recently told Parents magazine. "It was meant as just a little family thing. But it spiraled out of control, and now it's a book."

Lange certainly isn't the only A-list actress who created the perfect bedtime story for little kids.

Talk-show hosts including Queen Latifah, Katie Couric and Sharon Osbourne have all written short stories for their youngest fans.

Even talented singers like Sting, Tim McGraw and Gloria Estefan have taken a break from writing number one hits in exchange for best-selling books.

In honor of Lange's new work, available in stores now, we've compiled some of our favorite children's book authors. 

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