Naya Rivera

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

We admit this isn't the kind of get-up we get into bed wearing, but we have a feeling Naya Rivera slumbers in style.

Something about this skimpy top paired with silky bottoms screams Vegas hotel room...right before bed. Though, in that case the bottoms would feature way less fabric. Either way, we feel like this look belongs between the silk sheets, not in the middle of the red carpet. 

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This newly-engaged Glee star may be prepping for the comforts of wedded bliss (they do say sexy sleepwear is helpful to a hot marriage), but we're not a fan of the look for any other purpose. The cami may show off her well-endowed top, but it's too much for our tastes, and the bottoms just remind us of something Hugh Hefner would wear.

We say, "get a room!" What's your take?

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