Axl Jack, Fergie, Instagram


Looking tough, Axl Jack!

Fergie posted an adorable snapshot of her son wearing a black Sons of Anarchy beanie on Thursday, Oct. 2 on her Instagram account.

The Black Eyed Peas singer added a caption from her son's perspective: "Aaahh #BreakingBad is done!! Still learning valuable life lessons on #SonsOfAnarchy. #mommystvshowsrock."

Wonder if Axl liked the series finale of Breaking Bad? And is keeping up with the latest on Sons of Anarchy?

And, attention Fergie and Josh Duhamel: please keep the precious pics of your son coming!

Axl Jack


Fergie recently added another delightful photo of her precious bundle of joy, who looks ready for his close-up as he stares straight into the camera. 

It is still too soon (judging by these pics) to tell if he looks more like mom or dad, but we do know he is very photogenic!

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