Will Arnett is hot and single, and he isn't afraid to let the world know.

Or rather, he isn't afraid to give ludicrous answers when we ask him about it!

While promoting his new comedy The Millers (airing tonight on CBS), Arnett felt it was the right time to come clean about the two men he has "dated":  Jason Bateman and David Cross.

"I have dated everyone on the cast of Arrested Development," he confesses to E! News, without a shred of truth to be found.

WATCH NOW: Watch Will Arnett talk about his Jason Bateman romance and body-sculpting in the video above!

PHOTOS: WIll Arnett and Jason Bateman hold hands as they stroll through New York City

Jason Bateman, Will Arnett


Perhaps you saw the pictures of Will and Jason gallivanting around New York City, hand in hand, taking in the sites? Well, Will tells me that as far as he knows, their clandestine romance hasn't caused any marital problems for Jason.

"Jason and I were just looking to have a little pied-à-terre in the city," Will explains of their "candid" photo sesh with a paparazzo. "And look, we're not dating per se. And obviously she—he would like to. But he is such a great guy. He's a noisy bottom. I'll give him that!"

Will pulled a similar stunt on a red carpet when Arrested was still on network TV. "I went to the Emmys 10 years ago with David Cross," Arnett recalls. "And we held hands the entire red carpet. But we made it really subtle and we did an interview with Star Jones or something and I held him from behind. The most damning ones were where we weren't even looking at the camera."

Will's newly chiseled physique was recently featured in GQ magazine, and he gave us the goods on how he sculpted his newly toned body: "I keep it real simple. Railway ties through waist-deep snow. Bags of sand. And then I street fight at night, and that's just for cardio. It's all Scotch tape and popsicle sticks. And taking lots of steroids."

"Keeping it simple," indeed. Why didn't we think of that?!

The Millers airs Thursday on CBS. Stand by for our review—and what Will, Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges said about the show, and their amazing parent-son chemistry.

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